Espresso coffee and its variants

What is espresso and where to buy it


When we talk about espresso we are referring to a particular type of coffee, in particular to the one that is most widespread throughout Italy and that those who go to visit this beautiful state must definitely try at least once.


Espresso coffee is obtained from the seeds of the plant that is called coffea arabica and another that is called coffea robusta. Although there are many other plants from which seeds are obtained to make coffee, these two varieties are the most widespread.

Once taken the seeds these go through a roasting process and a grinding one and after other steps you can proceed to make this excellent drink going to crush all the beans so as to obtain a very fine grinding that you can then put in the coffee maker.


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What variants of espresso exist?


You can find different variations regarding espresso coffee and now we will go to see together some of the most famous among which you can choose.


Among them we find:

  • Long coffee: the coffee obtained will be very diluted and will present a strong bitterness and a high caffeine content
  • Small coffee: you have to fill the cup less and if it keeps a very intense coffee, aromatic and creamy at the same time, with a reduced concentration of caffeine
  • The coffee macchiato: you have to add a small amount of milk and you can also put some cream according to your taste
  • Decaf coffee: the powder that is ground has undergone a process of extraction of caffeine before being put in the machine

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