Hair transplant Berne: who to contact?

Hair loss problem: how to solve?

Hair loss is a big problem that can affect men and women without distinction, although the former are more prone to it. Among the most common causes we find: baldness, alopecia or caused by chemotherapy treatments. In most cases, hair loss can be treated with reconstruction surgery or hair transplant Berne, but it is essential to identify the qualified doctor able to treat the specific case.

If you suspect you are suffering from hair loss, it is essential to contact a qualified team. Today it is possible to intervene with innovation and effective methods over time, provided you choose a team of transplant specialists such as the Hair Science Clinic.


Hair Stem Cell Transplantation: a new innovative method

Today it is possible to recover a voluminous and shiny scalp thanks to Hair transplant Berne, a solid point of reference when you want to intervene by solving the problem of evident receding hairlines, caused by various problems concerning the health of the hair. For over 20 years, Hair Science Clinic has been responding in a targeted manner to baldness, evident receding hairlines through technological transplants, studied and researched over time that last a lifetime.

The transplant proposed by the Clinic is not like the traditional transplant operations which aim to move part of the hair already in place in order to uniform the scalp in its parts. The objective can be reached through the use of stem cells which are part of the Clinic’s unique patent. The focus of Hair Science Clinic is to increase the number of hairs in a technological and lasting way. The method used is the Hair Stem Cell Transplantation, the result of the avant-garde studies of Dr. Coen Gho who dedicated himself with passion and perseverance to the study of a transplant technique that uses hair stem cells.

During his years as a researcher and physician, the Doctor often found himself working with young burn patients, noting that hair transplants were particularly painful treatments and could also leave significant scars. This is why he worked on a completely new and less invasive method of transplantation that used hair stem cells. What makes this method unique is that only a small portion of the hair follicle is harvested from the donor area, rather than the entire follicle. In fact, even a small portion contains enough stem cells to grow new hair in the receptor area. The regenerative capacity of stem cells is able to generate a greater number of hairs in a completely natural way.


Why choose Hair Science Clinic?

Hair Science Clinic treatments are reserved for those who are tired of seeing deep receding hairlines, but don’t know who to trust. The Clinic has been able to make a difference by pushing hard in research, traveling the world and discovering all the secrets of a lifelong transplant. Treatments are increasingly tailored to the uniqueness of the individual with full consideration of the root cause of the baldness. The Clinic has always treated its clients with respect, sincerity and precision, in compliance with all medical procedures and standard protocols, putting them at ease right away.

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