The Soothing Touch of Hammam Massage

Hammam massage is a traditional cleansing ritual that originated in the Middle East and North Africa. It involves massage and body scrubbing in a steamy and relaxing environment.


The History and Tradition of Hammam


Hammam massage dates back …

GTEM cell: what it is 

What is a GTEM cell

A GTEM cell is a widely used instrument for generating known, homogeneous fields in the laboratory. In particular, it is easy to emulate the electric and magnetic fields characteristic of a plane wave over a …

What is GTEM Cell

GTEM Cell: what it is 

A GTEM cell (Gigahertz Transverse Electromagnetic) is a type of electromagnetic test chamber that is used for testing the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) of electronic devices, antennas, and other wireless communication systems. …